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Usb Dj Mixer Controller

This usb dj sound controller interface is perfect for controlling your dj sound effects using your phone's phone book. With 12 channels, you can access them all easily.

Usb Dj Mixer Controller Amazon

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Best Usb Dj Mixer Controller

The gemini dj controller is a perfect companion for both cdm-4000 and cdm-series dj media mixers. This device comes with a 2-port usb revision number connection jack, making it easy to add an additional usb input to your equipment. The controller also includes a bluetooth interface, making it easy to useand control from your mobile device. the usb dj mixer controller is perfect for using with your favorite bluetooth audio controller. With three jahrweihnisker bluetooth 3-channel mixers, you can easily add an additional soundcard or voice-activated soundcard to your dj setup. The pyle pad30mxubt is a great choice for music fans who need to add an extra soundcard or voice-activated soundcard to their dj set up. the pioneer dj ddj-rev1 is a 2-channelserato dj lite controller that is designed for use with theserato dj app. This controller allows you to control your serato dj app devices with just a few buttons and controls. The controller also includes a scratch style feature that lets you createyour own scratch style for your devices. the gemini cdm-4000bt 2-chan dual cdmp3usb dj media player controller is a great controller for djmixer systems. The controller also includes a built-in microphone and speaker.