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Dj Mixer Board

The dj mixer board is a 4-channel mixer that lets you mix sounds and music together in real time, so you can easily create songs, beats, and beats everas.

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The dj mixer board is a professional audio mixer that supports 4 channels of digital audio. It offers a console system interface that makes it easy to add extra audio channels. The board also includes a sound card interface for easy connection to your computer's sound card. Videos and other audio content. With its 16 channels, you can easily add sound for a live music performance. The board also has a bluetooth interface so you can easily connect to a phone or computer to add music or videos. the dj mixer board is a great way to add just about anything to your dj set up. With four digital audio inputs, four digital output jacks, and a built in speaker, this board is perfect forpairing up your friends and family torecord and share music with you on the go. It has 8 channels, so you can easily hear all the music in the room. The sound board is also easy to set up, coming with a bluetooth audio system and a sound output for adding music to a phone or speaker.